Kooyoora State Park

Wattle flowering at Kooyoora State ParkLocated a short 20 minute drive south of Wedderburn is the beautiful Kooyoora State Park. The park provides an enormous diversity of landscapes and vegetation types across its huge area and contains some of the best examples of Box Ironbark forest.

The Park was proclaimed in November 1985 and expanded in 2002. Its area now extends to 11,350ha and encompasses some of north-central Victoria’s outstanding natural features. The variety of vegetation communities and rich history found in the park add to the park’s value.

Things to Do

  • The park offers opportunities for sightseeing, picnicking, walking, nature study and camping.  
  • The Summit Track climbs between boulders to the summit and Melville Caves Lookout.  
  • The Eastern Walking Circuit traverses an area of strange rock formations, giant granite slabs, and balancing rocks.
  • Melville Caves Lookout is a short walk from the Upper Picnic area.
  • A direction disc on top of boulders at the lookout points out surrounding features and landmarks.
  • Exploring the walking track systems is a good way to see the park and relax in natural surroundings while enjoying the scenic and historic values.

Picnic area at Kooyoora State ParkFacilities

  • Melville Caves picnic ground has shelter, toilets and water.
  • Camping is permitted at the Melville Caves camping ground situated 1 km past the main picnic ground.


Tree dwelling mammals and tree-nesting birds live in the open forests. Rainbow bee-eaters nest in the granite soils and wedge-tailed eagles among the granite tors. Kangaroos and wallabies browse the native grasslands. Areas with shrubby understorey and abundant ground litter give shelter to many ground-dwelling animals such as the yellow-footed antechinus. Some 130 bird species have also been recorded.

We acknowledge the resources from Victoria’s Dept of Sustainability & Environment for some of the information on this page. Full page can be viewed by visiting Kooyoora State Park at the DSE website.